Call for Nominations: NBCRNA Board Positions


The Call for Nominations for the NBCRNA Board of Directors for the 2018 fiscal year (Sept. 1, 2017 - Aug. 31, 2018) closed on November 18, 2016. Election results will be announced in first quarter 2017.​

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors are volunteer members that govern the NBCRNA credentialing programs. The position is for a three-year term, beginning August 2017.

Board Requirements:

  • Participate for: Director = three years (Emerging leader = one year)
  • Attend an orientation session to learn about the NBCRNA, business operations, and the Board.
  • Attend three NBCRNA Board meetings annually. Meetings take place over a long weekend (typically Thursday - Sunday including travel) in August, January and May.
  • Engage in Board activities, including participation in Board and committee conference calls during weekday evenings.

NBCRNA Board Transition and Election Results

At the August 26-27, 2016 NBCRNA Board meeting, NBCRNA said farewell to three CRNA board members:
Charles Vacchiano, CRNA, PhD, FAAN; Edward Waters, DNP, CRNA; and Patricia Wirth, DNP, CRNA. These individuals have served two consecutive terms (six years).

We are pleased to announce that these positions have been filled by our newly elected board members (whose terms began August 2016): Terry Wicks, CRNA, MHS; Kevin Driscoll, CRNA, MSN; and Cormac O’Sullivan, PhD, CRNA, ARN. Terry Wicks is filling the second Certificant Elected Director (CED) position. The first CED position was establi
shed last year and is currently filled by Pamela Chambers, MSN, CRNA, EJD. NBCRNA has also selected Christopher Gill, CRNA, MS as the FY 2017 Emerging Leader Fellow.

Read more about the new NBCRNA Board here

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