NSPM Bibliography

The following bibliography lists the many texts used by the NBCRNA as the basis for questions on the NSPM Subspecialty certification examination. The purpose of having a list is primarily to ensure that item writers are drawing information from the latest editions of widely-published textbooks and to avoid incorporating information which may be found only in handbooks, out of date textbooks, or obscure books which are not likely to be in use or widely accessible to nurse anesthetists.


There are approximately 12 books that are used (this varies as some go out of print or new books are published). We have always recognized that there are multiple books published with roughly similar content, so we prefer to avoid suggesting that we are endorsing one particular textbook over another one which may not be on the list but is being used and has value.


We understand that those who are taking the examination believe that it is helpful to them to know which textbooks are on the list as a means of evaluating whether the material they are using is consistent with the information in the books used for item writing. Therefore we are publishing the list of currently used textbooks on our website. Note that in publishing this list we do not intend to endorse or encourage the sale of any particular textbooks. Please see the following bibliography.


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