Core Modules


The core modules provide a means for nurse anesthetists to stay informed about the current literature. Using a common set of objectives, continuing education (CE) providers will develop CE programs that address the areas of anesthesia practice which apply to all CRNAs, regardless of practice focus.

The CE provider will determine the length and cost of the modules they produce. The AANA, or another prior-approval entity, will determine the Class A credit value of each module.

Requirements for Core Modules
Core modules are optional during the first 4-year CPC Cycle.

​Core modules are prior approved, assessed CE and so provide Class A credit.

Features of Core Modules

An Assessment
Core modules will include a formal assessment, such as multiple choice questions.

Recognition and Prior Approval
Core modules will undergo a recognition process by the NBCRNA and a prior approval process by an appropriate approval entity, such as the AANA.

Directly Related to One of the Four Core Areas
Each Core Module will address one of the four core areas in anesthesia:

§     Airway management technique;

§     Applied clinical pharmacology;​

§     Human physiology and pathophysiology; or

§     Anesthesia equipment and technology.​


Are core modules required during the first 4-year CPC cycle?
No, core modules will be voluntary during the first 4-year CPC cycle.

Will credits earned through the core modules also count toward the Class A requirement?
Yes. Core modules provide Class A credits, which can be applied to the Class A requirement.

How much will it cost to take a core module?
The cost will be determined by the CE provider. We believe market competition will keep the cost of core modules reasonable.

How will I report that I have completed a core module?
For AANA members, the AANA will automatically report completed Class A credits earned through core modules to the NBCRNA. For non-members, core module information and the Class A credits earned will be reported to the NBCRNA similar to the way CE is currently self-reported.

Will the core module be a good tool to prepare for the CPC Examination?
Yes. One of the strengths of the CPC Program is that the 4 core modules are linked to the content outline of the CPC Examination; however, the CPC Examination may cover content not addressed in the modules.

If I successfully complete the core modules, will I pass the CPC Examination?
The core modules will serve as learning tools for content on the CPC Examination; however, performance on the modules will not necessarily correlate to performance on the CPC Examination.

Where will I find core modules that qualify for the CPC Program?
The NBCRNA will provide direct links from its website to those CE providers who offer modules recognized by the NBCRNA.

What is the format for core modules?
The core modules will be available through various electronic media, but also may be offered at in-person events. 

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